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12th November 2007

love_be8:07pm: Comfort via Relation
Just wanted to say it's been comforting to know other people are going through this and I am not nuts. Not happy people have the issue at all, but nice to know, in other comments, etc., that I'm not nuts in finding conflicting and confusing food lists, etc. and finding common challenges. If I get real about what my body tolerates, it's pretty much down to raw veggies and meats. However, unless I eat (and buy) enough veggies to eat like a rabbit, the diet is not really great on getting the yeast OUT of my system, if you get my drift.

...gotta'  love the things that come up  when dealing with health....

anyway....thanks for posting/ sharing all. all feedback welcome.

8th November 2007

skinandjewelry9:37pm: Ok I have had yeast infection for a couple of months that I have not been able to get rid of. In researching ways I could get rid of it, I found the candida diet. The problem I am having however is that I have found a lot of discrepancy about what foods are ok and what are not. There is a lot of dispute about whether certain grains can not be eaten at all, or can be eaten in moderation. For example whole wheat, brown rice, corn, etc. other examples are fruits, carrots, corn, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, I mean it's crazy, I don't know what advice to follow. I am going out to eat tomorrow, and I can't figure out whether I should order whole wheat pasta or glueten free. (It's Olde Spaghetti Factory) Also, I am afraid I will loose weight (which I can not afford to do) and I am so confused about what to eat that I think I am not eating enough. I don't think I can stay full without some grains in my diet. It's all really confusing.

Can anyone give me an answer about these foods or should I just pick one source of advice and stick to it?
love_be7:50pm: Is joint pain (or swelling) and feeling like one big bruise on large parts of your body (like arms, legs) part of die-off for anyone?

2nd November 2007

love_be10:13pm: Progress Report: Some Results
So I've been on the Candida-but-so-strangely-like-Atkins diet for two weeks with about three slips. The rash on my skin has improved but it not gone and I wonder if it will go completely. the fatigue it notably better and brain fog is as well. I still get it from time to time but not as bad or frequent as before. I'm not looking forward to going back to not-slipping tomorrow but I am also not up for this junk returning in all it's red scaly glory so I am in this for the long haul. I lost a grueling 5 pounds, only to make me thankful I didn't try Atkins for any length of time in my life for weight loss for myself, as I would have been quite disappointed I think. But I'm not in it for weight loss, just yeast-loss at the moment so....

X-Posted to candidiasis.

13th April 2006

lunarflame10:50pm: Yeast diet. Ideas?
Hi everyone, I'm new. I was referred here by someone who said you might be able to help!

I got back from allergy testing today and the doc thinks I may have a yeast allergy, and now I have been put on the scariest diet in my life.. Its like a starvation diet.

I Can eat:
Veggies (but NOT carrots, tomatoes, corn, peas, beans or legumes)
Meats (but not procesed)
Flat bread and crackers that don't contain wheat, rye or corn
Nuts (NO peanuts or pistachioes)
Fish and eggs.

Milk, cheese, yogurt, dairy products
fruits and sugars
cookies, candies
chocolate, soda
coffee, alcohol
soy, peanuts, beans, legumes
potatoes, rice
wheat, corn, rye bread

I need to be on it for 4 months. Has anyone been on this diet before? Any tips? website reccomendations? Meal reccomendations? The more ideas on what to do with these few food choices, the better!

26th February 2006

sare2:06pm: I've been reading up on candida, and one thing I can't figure out is... is this a lifelong thing? Like once you have had candida, you have to stick to a candida diet for pretty much the rest of your life or it will come back? How long does it take the average person to rid themselves of candida if they are trying pretty hard?

22nd February 2006

sare10:08pm: i was wondering if anyone else had food sensitivity testing done, and found out you have candida that way?

my diet already seems severely limited from the testing and what my naturopath suggests. she by eliminating what she suggests, that i will already be doing the most important part of treating and rebalancing the candida.

i tested sensitive to all gluten, all cow dairy, corn, potato, sugar, sweeteners, oranges/grapefruits, melons, yeast, mushrooms, white vinegar, caffeine, preservative, colouring, pork, shellfish, peanuts (the main ones....)


i broke today and ate a small portion of my husbands kraft dinner -- :(
wheat AND cow dairy, AND it had ketchup on! but generally i've been doing *pretty* good.

also, what is your biggest symptom that made you discover you had candida?
i seeked help due to exhaustion...

Current Mood: exhausted

22nd January 2006

sillyboho9:52am: stuff that helps
i'm keeping a food log for my pregnancy, i'm not eating enough veggies. they make me nauseous right now. i'm transitioning into the candida diet, and the log is helping me look at what i eat that needs to be eliminated. does anyone else keep a (candida) food log?

i'm giving myself a bit of leeway for getting fully into the diet, my appietite is all over the place. along with my cravings.
bellajellybean10:54am: Candida Diet according to my naturopath
this is a 7 page document, so I'm gonna cut itCollapse )
Current Mood: frustrated

21st January 2006

bellajellybean5:43pm: First timer

I'm Julie.

I went to a naturopath for a few different things, and after a blood analysis she has concluded that I have too much yeast in my blood. Now I'm on the Candida Diet.

I am only on day 3, and I'm feeling pretty burnt out with what my options seem to be.

Can a few of you comment or post with things you eat regularly in the first stages of this diet? I'm feeling desperate, and I'm really tempted to just quit and go back to eating the things that give me the symptoms I want to be rid of.

Right now I'm basically living on rice cereal, unsweetened soy milk, wasa rye crackers, hummus, eggs, veggies, soy cheese and chicken/fish/beef/shrimp. It's getting tiring, and I need more simple ideas for what to eat at meals and snacks. There's going to come a day where the last thing I want to look at is hummus on a wasa rye cracker. I feel like it might be soon.

Please help me!

18th January 2006

sillyboho9:37am: well
having to go back on again. this time i really need to do the whole 3 months. i've only ever done it a month at a time. i'm pregnant, and i am just getting over rsv. i took antibiotics, and since then i have had two yeast infections. the first ones EVER in my life. when i've done the candida diet before it was because of thrush from breastfeeding. yeast infections are horrible!!!!!! ARGH!!!!! worse than thrush, in alot of ways, but less painful, more irritating.

so tomorrow will be my day one. i need to research my foods and go shopping.

25th August 2005

sillyboho12:28pm: so...
i've been off the diet for threemonths, and i think i'll be going back on. i feel like crap. to those who do this on a regular basis, why do you do it? how often do you do it? do you consider it as a cleanse or a lifestyle?

7th August 2005

sillyboho9:38pm: back
just letting yu'all know i'm back from my hiatus. i'll try to go back and answer any q's i find.

strangely, after a month on the diet, i'm lactose intolerant now. *huh*

10th July 2005

hydingout8:02am: Elimination Diet
Has anyone tried cutting the bad foods completely out of their system for a few weeks? A restriction on all foods containing sugar and carbs and the like? Since I found out about candida a year or so ago I have tried to restrict overly processed foods from what I eat, but I still experience many of the same symptoms, though they're not as bad as they have been.

Have you had any luck with restricting foods? Was it difficult at first? Eating mild protiens and raw veggies almost exclusively seems like it would take ALOT of willpower! I love fresh fruit :S

19th June 2005

bajka8:39pm: Why can't I find any recipes with glyerine as the sweetener? I know there is a Candida book that recommends it as a sweetener..

16th June 2005

bajka9:20pm: Do you think that it means that I don't have a yeast problem if I'm not craving sugar at all after 2 weeks on the diet?

9th June 2005

sillyboho8:33am: hiatus
i'm going on a vacation, and i won't be able to answer posts for a while. if anyone is interested, i can make you a mod, but i doubt this place is contreversial enough to need one while i'm gone. i'll be gone on and off for about 2 months. i'll be able to check in randomly.. but i don't know how much.

i just didn't want anyone to think i was ignoring them!

8th June 2005

sillyboho9:50am: more stuff
i posted a link to my food log i'm doing in the memories, and i'm going to add links to stevia, almond milk, almond butter, etc. in the user info. any suggestions?
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